Oak Island Decoding

Oak Island Stone's Numbers

The majority of the numbers come from the values of the letters in the Greek alphabet: Alpha (A) = 1, Beta (B) = 2, Delta (Δ) = 4, Epsilon (E) = 5, Eta (H) = 8, Theta (Θ or Th) = 9, Iota (I) = 10, Kappa (C) = 20, Lambda (L) = 30, Nu = 50, Pi = 80, Rho = 100, Sigma = 200, and Tau ( T) = 300. The C, which can be L too, support two separate numeral translations in the same symbol groups, and four of the symbols appear to be wild cards with the values of 0 or 1 in the numbering system.


The deciphering of the Stone's Numbers is less helpful in finding the purported treasure location because the dimensions of the sword/cross and stone-outlined triangle contain these numbers. Many of the symbol groups have been added together. He seems to be pointing out a circle with the number 360 in the first symbol group on Line 1, and the 80 for the Greek number of pi underneath symbolizes the diameter/radius of a circle. Note the 50 for the Scone Abbey bearing at the end of Line 1 found on the Oak Island Decoding page, and if you've been following along closely, you'll recognize the numbers 415-416 from the Stars Diagram found at the end of Line 2, and if you add the 360 and 56 found in Line 1, it also equals 415. If you add 112-113 + 110-111, it equals 222-224, and 222.69 is the decrease of the vesica piscis of the smaller circles after the triangles were expanded, and 224.7 is the number of earth days for Venus to orbit the Sun; are these numbers a coincident? Could the numbers 9-10 found in the last symbol group on Line 1 signify Algol's eclipsing period of 9 hours and 40 minutes? The number 5604 for the word "FIND" is the key I found for the Planetary Diagram that will be constructed on the next webpage. If you like this site, click on one of my advertisements to purchase something from Amazon through my advertising portal to keep this site up and running. 

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