VIII Strength

VIII StrengthVIII Strength is being mentally strong with manifest energy, celestial passion, control, and endurance. The card does not signify physical strength but the potency of gentle discipline and the divine strength from our Creator. Ultimate strength is patience, but with patience, you must accept the possible wounds of vulnerability. Dispelling your fears achieves patience. Facing a challenging situation requires persistence and tenacity. The persistent penetration of little by little erodes mountains into molehills. You must tame the beast inside you and identify with the deep-seated beasts inside others. Restraining worldly passions and emotions advances you towards the spiritual domain of enlightenment. As with the sign of Leo, the lion, Strength is through the balance of passion and intellect, for you must come to grips with the notion that the world does not solely revolve around you. In some instances, a strong and swift response is better than patience, but you have to be the judge if a new platform or venue for the battlefield is necessary. Master your challenges or they will master you. The appearance of Strength reminds you to have fortitude, compassion, and confidence while overcoming challenges. The Fool courageously learned Strength of mind.
Keywords: patience, self-control, composure, stability, perseverance, moderation, kindness, serenity, comprehension, discipline, inner strength
Reversed: secret revealed, lack of control, disrespect, abuse of power, despotism, weakness, discord, impulses, desires, pride, anger