XIV Temperance

XIV TemperanceXIV Temperance rebuilds the rubble from the nuclear explosion of the preceding card, Death, signifying drastic change. A blank canvas needs to be filled with cautious, broad brushstrokes. Moderation, self-control, and restraint are the themes, reminding you to shed your impulsive desires. All types of relationships require temperance. Resisting change makes you your own worst enemy. Habitual behavior conquers the urge for reform. Relationships rife with conflict are out of balance. Harmony has been checked at the door inside yourself and your interactions with others. Don’t let things get to the point of diminishing return before exercising temperance for the well-being and health of your life and the lives of others. Sagittarius’ blazing fire needs to be reined. Temperance is giving you the time to determine how much you have learned in your own personal journey and if you have forgotten about your connection to the greater cosmic forces because your physical and spiritual self connects to these conscious and subconscious forces. It’s appearance cautions you about the fusion of opposing forces without an explosion and is the crossroads to the question of who you really are. Temperance is about where you came from and how you handle the path to where you are going. The English poet William Blake said, “You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.” The Fool is healing and finding balance after the tempest of Death.
Keywords: earth and water, virtues, moderation, harmony, health, wellbeing, recovery, frugality, equilibrium, management, synthesis of opposites, transcendence, unification, healing, feeling secure
Reversed: imbalance, excess, religion, church, cults, sects, competing interests, disunion, bad combinations