Ten of Cups

Ten of CupsTen of Cups is the rainbow of Cups, and above that, you get a glimpse of heaven from living a simple life with your significant other, family, friends, neighbors, and amicable coworkers–pure happiness. A house is not a home until there’s love within. Success is the breadth of a rainbow of shared happiness. You might not have the biggest house or best car on the block, but you have the pleasure of happiness, which is something many people cannot say they have. No matter how much money you have, happiness is more important than all the tangible material things in life. The spirit of love fills your heart, which is the simplest joy of all. The trials of ups and downs already navigated, and life is good. You made changes after facing challenging emotional and spiritual conflicts, and after the turbulent storm, the rainbow of love and happiness shines over you. Peace prevails. A rainbow reveals a doorway to divine creation, the supernatural, and good fortune. This card is a passing grade of a litmus test of what you have learned, and how you have applied it. You learned to love and loved to learn, but learning to love requires you to love yourself first, and then you can open your heart to others. Career wise you could gain what you dreamed of from your exceptional creativity. Dreams do come true, or depressingly this is just a dream of yours, and you have obsessively idolized the wrong dream. In the perfect world, you ride into the sunset under the rainbow. Don’t frivolously waste this hard earned tranquility, if it not a fantasy, because someone can snatch your rainbow out of your sky.
Keywords: peace, success, good fortune, camaraderie, support, happiness, contentment, harmony, accomplishments, sense of belonging, blessings, appreciation, thankfulness, fulfillment, tranquility, joy, dreams come true, love, family, friendship, amicable acquaintances, gatherings, provinces/locations, exceptional oversight of Querent’s interests
Reversed: shallow, discontentment, disagreement, breakup, overlooked happiness, false heart, indignation, violence, shattered dreams, drained, unworkable situation, confrontation, emotional cracks in the perfect life, unruly children, clouds of doubt, goblets are not full anymore