Ten of Pentacles

Ten of PentaclesTen of Pentacles reviews that success is yours, so what do you do with it? Do you strive for more, or hold onto what you have and fold your cards. The theme of this card is to pass it on for posterity. Family and marriage play a big role when this card appears. Become a living legacy of needed support and good advice to those you love. Regardless of your material wealth, this will bring spiritual fulfillment on the highest level. You just don’t build something of worth, and then walk away without making sure it has a continuum to exist past your life and into other generations. You have built the empire the Ace of Pentacles promised. Old money can be indulgently spent but old ideas that have lasted for a generation or more have an indelible place in society if the same high standards have been maintained from the first superior product that came off the workbench or agricultural field to the one produced yesterday. His children have big shoes to fill but have been taught well and learned values, ethics and morals along the way. They are primed to step into their parent’s shoes to fulfill their destinies. Now the Ten of Pentacles can look back from where he came, be satisfied with his accomplishments, and know the future is secure for his family. His empire was built with strength and the strength of a supporting family. However, some children may not choose the family business, and if the family is commodious and amicable, everyone can go their own direction and all will be well. Caring for elderly parents, ancestry searches, properties of value, dwellings, marriage or commitment, beneficial long-term employment, prosperous investments, and/or inheritance are emphasized in the Ten of Pentacles presence. Health is also in relationship to wealth. Your business card has your respected name on it, and the Ten of Pentacles approves.
Keywords: winning, stability, gain, success, accomplishments, satisfaction, respect, self-confidence, independence, good news, comfort, rewards, inheritance, happiness, gratefulness, affiliations, loyalty, humility, encouragement, riches, posterity, family matters, passing it on, good health, archives
Reversed: anti-achiever, poor investments, insecure, trapped, bored, dogma, failure, resentment, debt, extravagance, opportunism, chance, haste, fatality, loss, robbery, games of hazard, mismanagement, family discord, inheritance and family quarrels, money over love, built a foundationless shack instead of an empire, and contrarily gifts, dowry, pension