Ten of Swords

Ten of SwordsTen of Swords is personal-life bankruptcy. On guard! A sword fighter jumps in your way, you spar, feint, lunge, parry, advance and retreat to no avail; touché, the sword let you down. The swishing sound of the blade by your head still rings in your ears, like the tremendous power of malicious words still peals in your ear. The words from the tongue can be as sharp as a well-honed sword or as blunt and harmless as a butter knife. Hurting or healing is the fancy footwork of this match. Either the rapier is precisely plunged into the heart (symbolizing loss, illness or death) or the clumsily brandished broadswords end the battle without wounds. The clumsy sword fight was more for comfort and training. Astute words spoken at the right time are more to teach than to hurt. On the other hand, verbal abuse that reaches to the heart can be more devastating than physical abuse because the bones and bruises heal but the psyche is much more fragile. The sword has been twisted in the wound and salt poured on it. Destructive words have already been spoken or lay in wait, and when they strike again, if they haven’t yet, it will be sudden. Don’t be a pushover or the Ten of Swords will impale you through betrayal that can escalate into violent acts with the risk of dire harm. Disaster follows you from your past, but this is the darkness before Dawn’s ruby and gold cloak disrobes twilight. As every morning, the sun rises again and the hovering black clouds scatter. As with yin and yang, there’s always a seed of good in the bad, meaning you have to learn from your experiences and acts of indiscretions, and make changes along the way. This is mind over matter and what truly matters to you. The pain of mistakes or ill-begotten words is an impetus to turn things around and stop the struggle, or is this all in your imagination and you have dramatically flipped the sympathy card out of the deck by blowing a problem out of proportion.
Keywords: malicious words, verbal abuse, betrayal, danger, harm, indiscretions, mistakes, hopelessness, loss, exhaustion, pain, misfortune, ill-health, affliction, despair, tears, sadness, desolation, blame, gossip, hope, learning experiences
Reversed: helping hand, release, renewal, resignation, new beginnings, recovery, success, prosperity, profit, favor, power, authority