Ten of Wands

Ten of WandsTen of Wands warns of hindrance, oppression, and repression. The Ten of Wands are a burden and hamper your progress. The fire that burns is not for comfort but devastation. Domination of some sort rules you. Goals dwindle and the inner hard drive of your mind has been corrupted. The wheels are spinning but you’re getting nowhere. Something or someone is dragging you down. However, if the burden isn’t too heavy, you can carry it to success. This is when you call for help. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Been there, done it and don’t need to do it anymore alone. Perhaps you are a controller who can no longer control because responsibilities are crushing you under the weight of the workload and stress while not accepting your limitations. At this point, you are a victim of your own success. You’ve gained too much, and now it’s a burden and draining your resources for no good reason; if that true, let some of it go because you have become the beast of burden, carrying the overwhelming load, or perhaps giving up is not an option, and you need to see it through to completion. However, success has lost its enthusiasm. If in the midst of a lawsuit, it very well could be lost. Don’t let cling-ons drag you down. If in the presence of the Nine of Swords, the oppression could hit an abysmal low and perhaps guilt and shame have reared their ugly heads. It’s time to thin the garden of weeds and clustered plants moved to make room for new growth. The veil of deceit has cast it’s net and some things are not as they appear. Sit back and reflect on the oddities in your life because they have to go down the road too.
Keywords: suffering under the wands, hindrance, oppression, deceit, stress, assistance, responsibility, accountability, loss, overwhelming situation, draining your resources, shouldering the weight of the world. difficulties, limitations, guilt, shame, struggle, blame, burnt out, overextended, and contrarily gain, fortune, success
Reversed: action, change, reorganize, reassessment, prioritization, delegation, purging, letting go, coping, obligations, new direction, intrigues, uncommitted, physical collapse, unrewarding, taken advantage of