VII The Chariot

The ChariotVII The Chariot is a paradox of self, drives emotions, and teaches you to curb the expressions of desire through discipline. He begins his journey fresh with purpose and maneuvers through many obstacles with two animals that are there to pull the chariot forward, but interestingly, the driver holds no reins, so the beasts have the ability to direct the chariot. The military motif symbolizes the need to exercise discipline for triumph of the mind. The driver is not carrying a sword but a lance-like implement that appears to have the ability to prod or swat the animals rather than subdue them, but the animals are not in motion. These beasts of burden could wildly bolt at any time, as human emotions run wild when uncontrolled. Disaster follows unchecked emotions. As the sign of Cancer that this card represents, The Chariot controls the deep waters of emotions. You are in danger of losing the battle due to lack of self-control. His appearance indicates struggle, distractions, obstacles, uncertainties, contradictions, and inertia. Use The Emperor’s logical thinking and not The Empress’ heartfelt emotions to drive your chariot. Travel or some kind of vehicle matter may be in the cards. Learn the art of control over your freewill and drive to victory through discipline. The Fool learned many harsh lessons with The Lovers card, and The Chariot teaches him to control his emotions to avoid these pitfalls.
Keywords: drive, goal, direction, fortitude, message, succor, providence, war, conquest, honor, energy, vengeance, trouble, egocentrism, self-confidence, conviction, anxiety, willpower, lack of control, inflexibility, success, wealth, recognition, command, bravery, pride
Reversed: riot, quarrel, dispute, litigation, defeat, hysteria