XV The Devil

XV The DevilXV The Devil brings out the evil Mr. Hyde and represses the good Dr. Jekyll in your split-personality persona. Some unknown person does not force us to do evil deeds, and a little devil does not stand on your shoulder and whisper in your ear to go for it. When you choose to do evil, personal growth stops. Evil is a quirk of human frailty and a fact of life. Breaking the chains of this evil bondage, puts your life back into perspective and you back into Dr. Jekyll’s body. You have the key to the lock on your controlling chains, but you’re still in denial of your indulgences. The appearance of The Devil personifies avarice on all levels; it not only means greed but to covet and crave. Take control of the ignorance of materialism, vice, temptation, and addiction, so you can break the bondage of the repetitive Mr. Hyde syndrome. The Devil hides in the dark recesses of your mind and lays in wait to ambush you, as Apep, the Egyptian serpent god of chaos, lays in wait in the midst of the night to ambush Ra, the god of the Sun, in his boat journey across the sky. Jung thought it as a “Shadow” of lurking dangers. The stable sign of Capricorn that this card represents can control licentious behavior that took Adam and Eve out of the Garden in The Lovers card but without the essence of hope from The Devil’s disruptive desires. The Fool broke The Devil’s shackles for personal control and spiritual growth. The Fool learned his lessons from Temperance and took his power back, so The Devil no longer owns him.
Keywords: Pandora’s box, evil, misery, negativity, violence, avarice, vice, habit, indulgences, denial, addiction, predestine fatality, materialism, ignorance, stagnation, self-bondage, lust, egoism, obsession, anxiety, blame, resentfulness, anger, hedonism, passion, racism, sexuality, temptation, doubt, futility, obsessive physical attraction, pessimism
Reversed: freedom, realization, and contrarily evil, disaster blindness, hedonism, pettiness, weakness