IV The Emperor

The EmperorIV The Emperor melds the body-mind-spirit theme with spoken and written words and rules his kingdom with laws and regulations as a father rules his household. He is the energy of structure, responsibility, and order of his empire. The Fool must follow his rules and eventually pass his stalwart lessons on to others. The Emperor holds the ankh scepter of life in his left hand and in Rider-Waite the world in his right hand; in the Marseille card, he’s holding the eagle of power, the heraldic emblem of the Holy Roman Empire. In Rider-Waite, the rams of the zodiac sign of Aries embellishes his throne to symbolize power, leadership, authority, and vigilant governance. He is the virile king of his mountain overlooking his kingdom. His world-based knowledge assimilates order from chaos. However, The Emperor does not abuse his power but wields his scepter with justice through logic. War is in his toolbox of governmental rule. He shares his knowledge as a mentor and emphasizes logical structure over emotional desires in his fair-handed decrees. Your confident and masterful edicts should display his structured power backed up by logical thinking and hard work. On the other hand, his presence warns that you may have to overcome his egotistical, dictatorial wiles that can transform into tyranny. His presence may precede a fatherly message of some sort or dealings with a father figure or legal matter.
Keywords: rules, structure, responsibility, order, logic, male ego, virility, ambition, mental prowess, knowledge, mentorship, stability, authority, power, leadership, following orders, justice, control, discipline, legalities, command, common sense, tradition, rigidity, experience, inflexibility, public image, war
Reversed: kindness, benevolence, praise, and contrarily confusion, corruption, personal gain, adversaries, obstacles, immaturity