III The Empress

III The EmpressIII The Empress unifies spirit, mind, and physical body in the material world with the pleasures of the senses, fulfillment of life, and the power of unconditional love. She’s Mother Earth and Alma Mater, the nourishing mother of all, and symbolizes a paradise of fertility, creation, love, and desire while reigning over the arts of beauty. This mother loves everything with gentle affection and nurtures all the creatures in her providence. However, her controlling and possessive nature can be smothering, which can put her in the enabler role. Her shield is emblematic of the planet Venus. Venus, the morning star rising in the east or the evening star setting in the west, symbolizes the duality of beginnings and ends. She reigns over all the signs of the zodiac. Appreciate and celebrate life with her to inspire your harvest when outside her land of growing crops and flowing water. She teaches you to cultivate your conscious ideas from The Magician and subconscious spiritual understanding from The High Priestess into the fertile ground of the material realm for you to reap her profuse earthly gifts. The Empress injects passions into your life and urges you to develop these passions by nurturing them to maturity while enjoying the process and the prosperous rewards. Strong family ties, a loving home life, sexual pleasure, creative expression, and outdoor activities are her joys. Pregnancy can follow in her wake. Her presence may precede a motherly message of some sort. The Fool has found unconditional love through a matriarch without restraints because he has not yet met his father figure, The Emperor.
Keywords: beginnings and ends, creation, security, fertility, love, senses, family, pregnancy, gifts, zodiac signs, ideas, enjoyment, celebration, fecundity, sexuality, joy, abundance, pleasure, comfort, nature, delight, desire, physical attraction, health, sensuality, beauty, satisfaction, optimism, germination of thoughts
Reversed: light, truth, benevolence, public rejoice, unraveling of involved matters, and at times vacillation like a woman’s prerogative