XII The Hanged Man

XII The Hanged ManXII The Hanged Man depicts the Norse God Odin hanging from the branch of the world-tree Yggdrasil for nine days while peering into the Well of Destiny (Urds) below for the mystic wisdom of the “runes,” secret magic letters. The rune symbols were then carved onto the trunk of the world-tree to carry these messages to their Nine Worlds. Odin’s quest conquered his struggle within by sacrificing himself to himself for rebirth. He relinquished freedom of the outside world for stillness to acquire the rune’s wisdom through his spiritual journey of death to rebirth. His lesson is stop controlling the physical world, look at things in a different light, and relinquish the old ideas because new ideas are avidly seeking their place. Allow things to go with their natural flow without opposition. The actions induced by The Hanged Man must be preceded by a time of great reflection. You can call it a voluntary sacrifice, but if your spiritual path has brought you this far, you have virtually lost nothing of consequence and gained something of insurmountable value–wisdom. To gain, you have to lose something. This card represents the planet Neptune from his dreamy and contemplative manner. The Fool takes an interlude to reflect after the time of bounty with the Wheel of Fortune and the frustrating visit with Justice to rebalance his scales with his newly acquired knowledge. The Hanged Man’s appearance implies that now is not the time to act or make any big decisions. Although personal reflection is painful, The Fool is wise enough to accept sacrifice and gain as part of life because he realizes pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.
Keywords: rebirth, sacrifice, inner journey, go with the flow, reflection, reversal, waiting, trials, circumspection, discernment, intuition, divinity, letting go, surrender, passivity, rut, self-doubt, confusion, plight, acceptance, renunciation, patience, new point of view, contemplation, inner harmony, inaction
Reversed: mistake, hopelessness, selfishness, assembly, society