IX The Hermit

IX The HermitIX The Hermit takes existential thoughts to a new level. Fruitless emotions and desires are shed on this unaccompanied leg of his journey to preclude chaotic distractions from the outer world. Darkness seeks the inner light of wisdom represented by the Seal of Solomon of the Star of David glowing in his lamp. The Hermit withdraws only to return to share his personal discoveries with the world. Acquisition of wisdom cannot be rushed because time is not counted but experienced. He does not listen to others in order to hear his own resounding voice of the inner wisdom of truth. The appropriate application of knowledge draws wisdom during his lone journey to solve the ever-present worldly problems. Take time out to search the database of your mind for insight for the purpose of your life, where you came from, where you are at right now, and where you want to go. Once an epiphany strikes, your intuitive senses realize that you had the answers all along; you just had to find them. Those under the sign of Virgo, that this card represents, yearns for love, but Virgos are very critical to a fault, especially of themselves, so they have to learn to first love themselves. The guidance of the Hermit offers the opportunity of mentorship for someone to extend it to you or for you to extend it to someone. This card also rules the asteroid Chiron and prompts you to become the wounded healer. The Fool’s higher self has contemplated and evaluated his previous indiscretions, and he descends the cold mountaintop of solitude into the world with the Hermit lighting the way and guided by his staff of knowledge. The Fool has walked down the mountain of universal truth. He is now confident to move on to the next stage in his life with purpose. Aside comment: One existential concept The Hermit will never answer is the existence of a creator of the universe because it requires an explanation of the creator's will, desire, and purpose for his creation, and if the creator possessed a body–who created the body? Where was the creator before his creation? What or who created the creator? These questions go on into ad inifinitum, infinity. Finite is unable to seize the infinite and man is unable to comprehend the (consummate) absolute.
Keywords: introspection, reflection, contemplation, lone journey, descending inward, wisdom, withdrawal, retreat, silence, solitude, purpose, insight, reclusion, inner search, deep understanding, isolation, philosophical attitude, profound level of guidance, true higher self
Reversed: returning, reticence, fear, caution, loneliness, outcast, concealment, disguise