V The Hierophant

V The HierophantV The Hierophant is the quintessential shaman that conveys the spirit of beliefs through his repository of secret knowledge into a community setting. The meaning of the word Hierophant in Latin means to show or make known. The cross keys represent the keys to heaven held by St. Peter, or in other words, he is the gatekeeper of heaven, and his papal tiara denotes his religious-like authority for offering salvation. The three-barred cross that he holds signifies orthodox traditions. He is Taurus, the steer of heaven, and the guide that controls the movements of harmony and peace by easing fear through the teachings of his esoteric doctrines. He assimilates to a Pope-like figure for all institutionalized cults. His presence connotes the value of a group force and counsels principles as their leader, teacher, mentor, and figurehead. He is teamwork oriented with the theme of traditional conformity. Solidarity reigns over individuality. However, the danger of deception lurks in any institutionalized following. His presence implies structured beliefs or conforming to the old-dry accepted or expected norms that might clash with your own personal feelings. Your relationship with tradition is in question, and you must question if you want to be absorbed into a one-size fits all organization or faction. His appearance can herald initiations for some form of rites of passage ceremonies. He brings either blessings or warnings. The Fool has discerned if he wants to participate in established tenets or canons and to forfeit his freewill to the confines of group beliefs or branch out on his own for his spiritual fulfillments.
Keywords: my way or no way, beliefs, esoteric doctrines, salvation, tradition, guidance, marriage, alliances, conformity, ethics, captivity, grace, mercy, status quo, institution, leadership, discipline, formality, deception, power, understanding, respect, social convention, belief system, group identity, teamwork, experience, naivety, teacher, mentor, figurehead
Reversed: culture, society, pious, concord, understanding, unity, excessive kindheartedness, and contrarily unorthodox teachings, breaking norms, weakness, powerlessness, bad advice, lies, persecution, spiritual corruption, false prophet, radicalism, heresy