II The High Priestess

II High PriestessII The High Priestess is the guide that stands between God and the veiled mysteries of your spiritual subconscious higher self. She’s the feminine Holy Spirit, Shekinah, who symbolizes the dwelling of the Divine Presence of God and the Word of God (Logos); Sophia, the Gnostic Mother of Divine Wisdom, who sparks mystical enlightenment into the material world; and Shakti, Hindu’s Divine Mother of cosmic energy. The High Priestess embodies Shekinah, Sophia, and Shakti as the translator of the will of our Creator. She relates creation to the Magician’s worldly source of outward powers conjured up by his earthly ideas with her inward source of spiritual powers conjured up by the heavens. The Fool unites this spiritual awakening with the knowledge gained from the Minor Arcana cards during his sojourn with The Magician. The High Priestess reaches out to you with her intuitive guidance, and her lunar light reminds you to be alert to recognize her illuminative messages. The High Priestess’ governorship over the Moon and Cancer helps her channel the invigorating deep waters of lunar energy with Cancer’s symbol similar to infinity of two crescent moons cloistered around two circles. She balances out the masculine material conscious source of The Magician with her feminine subconscious otherworldly source of creation. Although The Magician explicitly represents the infinity symbol of infinite possibilities, The High Priestess implicitly represents the inexhaustible possibilities of the cosmos. Her appearance foreshadows a time of meditative reflection on your newfound knowledge to penetrate self-awareness into the watery depths of self-realization of your spiritual inner-essence because secrets hide behind her mysterious veil. Contemplatively dig deep before you act when she appears because the answers come from within.
Keywords: higher self, inner knowing, self-realization, creation, possibilities, guide, protection, wisdom, knowledge, demiurge, genesis, purpose, secrets, mysteries, profundity, glory, moon, love, relationships, receptiveness, intuition, mystical vision, introspection
Reversed: passion, distractions, isolation, lethargy, bodily disruptions, nightmares, narcissism, pride, arrogance, ignorance, conceit, superficial knowledge