XX Judgment

XX The Last JudgmentXX Judgment is a spiritual purging and cleansing on the celestial level from earthly actions for resurrection and rebirth: karma. Judgment doles out punishments and rewards for spiritual missteps or divine goodwill. The material and spiritual world meet for healing of the body, mind, and inner self. This is the beginning of the end, and the end of the beginning to prepare you for your advancement to a higher spiritual plane. Themis, the Greek goddess of divine law and ruler of fate, wears no blindfold and carries no sword, for she is the seer of truth of all your indiscretions. If Themis’ presence disregarded, Nemesis, the goddess of divine retribution, bestows her righteous wrath caused by hubris that hurt others. The appearance of this card warns that Judgment Day will sneak up on you if you have not asked forgiveness of your sins or forgiven those of others. Grace is unconditional forgiveness. If you have not reconciled past misdeeds, your bitter spiritual self will be metaphorically thrown in the lake of fire with the devil. Atone for your mistakes, or they will catch up with you. Absolve the past, accept change, and make new and better decisions. This is the conclusion leading up to the final completion of The World. The deep dark mysteries of the planet Pluto and its connection to the underworld, which also signifies the material purgatory of the earth, represent this card. In Dante’s Divine Comedy, he walked through Purgatory of the seven deadly sins before reaching Paradise. The proud bent in humility; the envious blindly lean together in supportive love; the angry enveloped in a blinding miasma; the slothful running with great vigor; the avaricious bound motionless to the material earth; the gluttonous wasting away from hunger; and the lustful burning in flames. The verdict is in for The Fool, and he will either return to some of the Major Arcana cards for more guidance or has found harmony between the elements of the suits Cups–Water, Pentacles–Earth, Swords–Air, and Wands–Fire, so he can allegorically proceed to the nirvana of the final stage–The World. If The Fool reaches the World from following the Rulebook of Universe and Life, rest assured that he learned from his mistakes and didn’t disregard the goddess Themis’ all seeing eyes of truth. The Fool knows just where he’s going and how to get there with his clear Judgment.
Keywords: verdict, court, opinions, criticism, guilt, higher truths, ethics, morals, values, law, inner calling, absolution, paragon of virtue, restart, accepting past mistakes, release, forgiveness, end of repression, reconciliation, renewal, decision, salvation, new beginning, hope, redemption
Reversed: poor judgment, weakness, simplicity, deliberation, fearful decision, undesirable choices, unhappiness, arrogance