VI The Lovers

VI The LoversVI The Lovers encompasses many diverse meanings of basic human impulses sex, pleasure, desire, love, and curiosity. In Rider-Waite, the depiction of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is obvious with the Tree of Life behind the man and the Tree of Knowledge with the serpent behind the woman. Divine companionship didn’t help Adam and Eve of exile from the Garden of Eden because they lost the value of God’s Word. Once the gates of virginity are lost, there’s no going back to the Garden. An exulted beginning of emotional impulses does not necessarily continue throughout a relationship. Enmity sprouts. Prudent deliberation of your promising “choices” may expose the true ramifications of your future actions. As Winnie the Pooh says, “Think, think, think . . .” The devil didn’t make you do it; you chose to do it, and you chose between virtue and vice. Never underestimate the value of choice over impulse. Gemini, the twins, rules The Lovers card to indicate the duality of air and communication, reminding you that excellent communication is an important aspect of any good relationship. The Gemini twins symbolize a dual nature that comes into harmony, even in conflict, from the balance of the Gemini symbol of II. When this card appears, it’s about attraction on all levels, irresistible affection for people or things, spiritual versus physical unions, vulnerabilities from your choices, and unplanned life changes. The appearance of The Lovers signals full speed ahead if the feelings are mutual. The Fool has learned the pitfalls of relationships, romance, sex, and the intoxication of infatuation and love.
Keywords: relationship, love, infatuation, passion, romance, sexuality, intimacy, pleasure, desire, choices, virtue, vice, values, physical attraction, communication, connection, affinity, heart, trails, temptation, acrimoniousness, doubt, dilemma, temptation
Reversed: treachery, sexual dysfunction, reluctance, promiscuity, failure, foolishness, marital discord