XVIII The Moon

XVIII The MoonXVIII The Moon assures you that things are not what they seem because of your fertile imagination and feral emotions from past memories or present confusion. The path at night looks deceptively different from during the day, especially in a sleepy dreamy time state of the subconscious mind. When you strike out on your own and go down your tortuous path in the dark, fears manifest as you blindly stumble down the shadowy, obscure route of this self-journey. Perhaps your fears are unfounded but in the darkness, you’re not sure. This is the last of the dark roads traveled of the Major Arcana cards and signifies the moonlight guiding you from within with its mysterious reflective light. More than a handful of goddesses personify the femininity of The Moon and the fecundity of her creative forces. The doleful howl of a dog and wolf at the moon instills fear of the scary unknown and instinctively brings your animal nature to the surface, but you have to calm these bestial tendencies and fears. The crayfish, commonly found on these cards, epitomizes the awareness of the deep-waters of your intuitive subconscious. The sign of Pisces represents this intuition through dreams, visions, and meditative reveries. Someone or something is trying to give you a subconscious message through coincidences, dreams, and premonitions, which draws out a flood of sensitive emotions, so you may want to closely look at the surrounding cards or pull another card for clarification. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you because at this time your judgment is wildly irrational; however, someone may actually be lying to you or hiding something or some shady business that you’re involved in without your knowledge. The Fool remembers and interprets his dreams with his intuitive powers because dreams are an important channel for The Moon. The Moon’s illuminating qualities are there to direct The Fool on his intrepid insightful path to The Sun’s inspirational daylight. The Fool received his message without knowing how he knew.
Keywords: lack of clarity, dreams, intuition, subconscious message, premonitions, coincidences, tension, emotions, overcoming fear, doubt, fantasy, deception, psychological conflict, obscured vision, confusion, irrationality, illusion, imagination, worry, romanticism, anxiety, apprehension, unrealistic ideas
Reversed: nightmares, fantasy, self-deception, instability, inconsistency, silence, deception, errors