XIX The Sun

XIX The SunXIX The Sun is the giver of life, clarity, healing, and hope. Eureka, you’ve struck gold. You found the motherload, won an Olympic gold medal, and hit the jackpot of success and happiness in the center of your own personal solar system. Bask in your day in The Sun. The sunflower of self-expression has bloomed under the fiery sign of creative Leo, triggering emotional and intellectual balance. Fear from the obscure spell of The Moon has faded. The Fool has traversed many hardships and learned many lessons. The Sun’s intense power has supplanted destructive fears instilled by darkened paths that forced him to draw on his font of inner strength. The rising sun signifies eclipsing tribulations. The Aztec’s conducted human sacrifices to assure the sun would rise every morning, but you conducted soul-searching to ensure the sun will shine in you. The Sun’s appearance shines brightly on truth and portends growth and closure with good outcomes. Buddha said that there are three things that can’t be hidden: The Sun, The Moon and The Truth. The Sun represents success, creativity, joy for life, and inspiration and is the pure harmonious energy of self-life, body-mind, and work-play. The Fool resurrects into the sunlight of a new day and is strutting carefree towards the finish line of the Major Arcana cards. His dark days are over, and The Sun is shining brightly on him.
Keywords: clarity, soul-searching, good omen, eclipsing tribulations, comprehension, truth, healing, hope, closure, limpid, optimism, expansion, radiance, enlightenment, well-being, inspiration, vitality, innocence, non-criticism, success, assurance, positive energy, personal power, happiness, splendor, brilliance, joy, enthusiasm
Reversed: happiness, marital bliss, contentment, energy, good vibes