XVI The Tower

XVI The TowerXVI The Tower is sudden ruination that makes way for creative reconstruction. The Tower explosively dispenses with unneeded things that you have elected not to throw out and is hopefully self-correcting the precious card, The Devil, through re-examination of denials and lies. As painful as it may seem, material power has nothing to do with the spiritual power that dwells within you. When the material world controls the human mind and body, the lightning topples The Tower of your world of ego and false reverence. An ungrateful attitude for what you have is only noticed when you have lost the security of your possessions. In truth, your possessions and beliefs possess you. The Tower warns you to accept what is needed over what is wanted. A spiritual wake-up call strikes like lightning for change and banishment of the negative forces. The fiery planet Mars symbolizes the blazing destruction of The Tower. The Aztec’s mid-16th century Magliabechiano codex depicts a temple that reminds one of The Tower that is in total chaos and blood from human sacrifices that preceded their catastrophic defeat by the Spaniards. The tornado of hidden lies has ripped your house apart from the top floor down, and the only thing left are exposed truths. Natural disaster and mental breakdowns can also follow in the wake of the appearance of The Tower. To The Fool, the sudden toppling of The Tower was painful but out of his control because he expected the unexpected after his harsh visit with the previous card, The Devil. The Fool raised his hands in the air and yelled, “Negative forces begone with you.”
Keywords: startling change, denial, lies, false reverence, misery, distress, disgrace, deception, insight, truth exposed, impact, hard times, crisis, revelation, disruption, disillusion, crash and burn, ego blow
Reversed: less severe oppression, warning, acceptance, damage control