XXI The World

XXI The WorldXXI The World brings The Fool’s journey to an end. Lessons learned from the long road traveled through the Major Arcana cards of God’s design. New seeds planted for the conscious and subconscious mind, body, and spirit. Positive and negative forces are on the same side of the coin of self. It’s time to realize the bounty of your learning, changing, and earning. You are now the well-rounded being that developed from an amorphous blob, the apt chameleon that changes its colors to match its surroundings, and the shape shifter that has metamorphosed from student into teacher. Rest and then move on to your next challenge and share what you have learned. The World symbolizes development, fulfillment, achievement, and completion. The planet Saturn represents the harvest of life for The Fool because the word “Saturn” in Latin means to sow. The Fool has found happiness and success and earned overwhelming accolades for his accomplishments.
Keywords: fulfillment, development, achievement, actualization, cycle of learning, spiritual truth, attainment, success, triumph, manifest dream, integration, involvement, prosperity, perfection on earth, satisfaction, repleteness, personal power, acceptance, contentment, good feelings, wholeness
Reversed: permanence, inertia, stagnation