Three of Cups

Three of CupsThree of Cups implies a group force working or playing hard in harmony. Members of a community work for the common good of the group towards shared goals, and the harvest of their teamwork is bountiful. Otherwise, communal gatherings assemble to celebrate holidays, reunions, and auspicious occasions from the humdrum of life or observe unfavorable transitions with support, encouragement, and kind words from its members; even a funeral can be a celebration for the person’s life that passed. Stressful times need a time out for pressure release. This is the time to celebrate in merriment and an opportunity to introduce your new significant other to family and friends. The fête may be the celebration of new career opportunities or an office-type party where someone inevitably dances with a lampshade on their head after the completion of a collaborative project. This card can signal overindulgence from too much of the bubbly in your cup.
Keywords: cooperation, common goals, celebration, auspicious occasions, support, encouragement, teamwork, gatherings, career opportunities, collaborative project, constructive interactions, contribution, trust, confidence, joy, conclusion, merriment, victory, communication, fulfillment, solace, growth, team player, healing, beneficial relationships, overindulgence
Reversed: distance, delay, disappointment, lack of support, overburdened, discord, expedition, dispatch, end, envious, vindictiveness, partied out