Three of Pentacles

Three of PentaclesThree of Pentacles has never worked a day in his life because he enjoys his work. However, every job on this earth has a side serving of monotony. If you play in an orchestra, you need to follow the sheet music to a “T.” Group efforts need everyone on the same sheet of music and then shared goals are achieved. The message of this card is to get with the program and find balance and enjoyment through your work in collaboration with others. Many times this type of group commitment comes when you are good at your job and take it seriously. Creative problem solving expands your talents and possibly makes a niche where one never existed because you caught the eye of your investors. You’ve learned and you’ve earned. Growth in skills, pride in your work, business acumen, networking, and joint efforts catapult you into success. You are building your career, home, and bank account by fostering the nexus of teamwork. So put your nose to the grindstone and build a shared empire.
Keywords: group effort, good reputation, labor of love, skills, business acumen, pride in your work, creative problem solving, networking, teamwork, trade, mastery, artisans, approval from superiors, recognition, expertise, persistence, prosperity, rewards, opportunity, satisfaction, praise, balance, success, career, dedication
Reversed: incompetence, mediocrity, unacceptable results, shaky foundation, delays, childishness, pettiness, weakness, indolence, disregard, oversight, poor workmanship, inattentiveness, inexperienced, unqualified