Three of Swords

Three of SwordsThree of Swords is emotional destruction or personal hari-kari and warns of wounds from painful rejection and perhaps quite an abrupt severing of some kind of ties or loss. The resounding lesson of this rebuff motivates you to confront and conquer these challenges. The nerve-racking stress of conflicting forces from the Two of Swords has escalated. Loss has just checked you into Heartbreak Hotel on Lonely Street. The dark clouds of anguish have rolled over your head as well as the heads of others, and you need to assuage your agony. You’ve hit critical mass; tears flow, fears glow, emotions and resentments blow, state of affairs row, life slows and you’re low. The events will hang heavy on your heart from facing the truth of treachery, infidelity or other disloyal acts that have caused you pain, but you can grow stronger from this experience. Strain to pain to gain leads to dealing and healing to make you whole again. Swords control words, so this card portends suffering and dashed hopes from bad news, hurtful insults, abusive arguments, and spiteful gossip, or on the other hand, you are cathartically speaking of your wounds to free your mind. The door to communication opens both ways; you have to talk and listen. Allow the septic wounds to heal. Let go and patiently grow.
Keywords: communication breakdown, rejection, severed ties, loss, heartbreak, anguish, agony, heavy heart, tears, fears, resentment, treachery, infidelity, disloyalty, suffering, dashed hopes, bad news, hurtful insults, abusive arguments, gossip, wounds, disagreement, conflict, anger, sadness, sorrow, unhappiness, absence, delay, division, rupture, dispersion, discontentment, separation, divorce
Reversed: turnaround, improvement, resolutions, healing, clearing the air, and contrarily alienation, loneliness, distraction, despair, bereavement, disorder, illness, depression, confusion, wounded martyrdom