Three of Wands

Three of WandsThree of Wands holds a three-pronged fork, as is the number of the card. Strength acquired after struggle, successful collaboration with others in his undertakings, and self-reliability. He boldly goes out into the world and finds his place, navigates through rough seas, and sails his ship successfully into a safe harbor. Been there and done it, and he decided it’s time to move on. The potential for expansion from the Two of Wands has now exploded into the real deal. Everything is falling into place, and he feels good. Life will start anew with fireworks of excitement shooting off into the sky. Risks are there but he’ll manage them. Success in commerce, trade, and enterprising endeavors are at hand. Travel for business or pleasure may be in the cards. You’re freewill found freedom with a spattering of good fortune sprinkled into the mix. You’ve been empowered to make your own future by wrapping up the past, expanding your horizons for the future, making solid commitments, and keeping an eye on the details.
Keywords: building success, advancement, successful collaboration, self-reliability, strength, waning struggles, everything falling into place, renewal, capability, management, trade, enterprises, travel, good fortune, empowerment, mastery, advanced skills, awards, dedication, fully involved, positive results, fresh start, commitments, details, momentum, recognition, prosperity, self-confidence, satisfaction, favorable outcome, effort, discovery, merchandise
Reversed: misfortune, incompetence, unacceptable results, derailment, besieged, delays, disappointment, failure, impatience, mediocrity, lack of initiative, disenchantment, procrastination, haste, devil’s in the details, stagnation, adversity, toil, anticlimactic