Oak Island Decoding

Oak Island Treasure Diagram

It appears he's done visiting the binary star system and is landing back to Earth. Before we review the clues that direct us to the Algol triple-star system with a set of eclipsing binary stars, we're going to construct two more opposing triangles with four inscribed circles in them, as we did in the Stars Diagram. The only numbers that he carries over is the 60° for the angle of the sword/cross from True North found on the Oak Island Decoding page, the 1247 feet for the height of the opposing triangles found on the Stars Diagram page, and the number 440 that symbolizes Earth found on the Planetary Diagram page, which as you will find out reveals the apparent diameters/radiuses of the inner planets, Moon, and Sun. The key numbers at this stage are 6, 6.6, 13.2 and 26.4 with varying decimal points. The remaining clues were found on the below stone-outlined triangle surveyed by Aarlek Walton in 1963.

Oak Island Triangle

According to David Wood on the Oak Island Treasure Forum, the angle from the left side of the stone's triangle North-South line at its apex is 23° 26’ and to the right is 36° 34’. Let’s convert them completely into degrees. Using the Rapid Tables Degrees, Minutes, Seconds to Decimal Degree Conversion 23° 26’ converts to 23.43333° and 36° 34’ converts to 36.56667°. Now let’s add them together 23.43333° + 36.56667° = 60°, which is the imaginary swing of the sword/cross counterclockwise to True North as we will see.

The first thing he’s telling you is that he knows the axial tilt of the Earth of 23.4°. I guess this isn’t a stretch of the imagination because he determines the apparent radiuses of all the inner planets and the Moon in the up and coming Planetary Diagram.

Earth-Moon SystemAxial tilt of the Earth found at Solar Observations in Bulgaria

The second thing he’s telling you is to imaginarily swing the sword/cross up to True North, which would be 60. That’s the reason for the concave shape at the base of the stone-outlined triangle. Let’s do a bit of trigonometry with the handle of the sword or end of the cross using the height of the opposing equilateral triangles of 1247 feet found in the Stars Diagram and the 144 feet for my adjusted number for the end of the sword/cross. As shown below, if we do a right-triangle calculation, it is 6.59 (or 145 feet using the measured length is 6.63); at any rate, he wants you to round it off to 6.6. Below are my "For Example" graphics; both are not to scale and only for illustration purposes. You can think of this as a mirror image as he’s seems so fond of, or you can think of it as flipping the triangle over in place, as illustrated under my two graphics. Either way, it really doesn't matter.


At first I thought this was indicating the magnetic north of Oak Island, which today is approximately Negative West 17.446 for a possible Negative West 6.6 or 13.2 (6.6 * 2 = 13.2) for the code writer's time period circa 1300 AD, but that wasn't it. I first found his intentions by numbers three different ways, and after I demonstrate them, I’ll explain his clues from the stone-outlined triangle to corroborate these numbers, which allowed me to find these same numbers a fourth way. Now he wants you to multiply 6.6 * 2 = 13.2 and then again 13.2 * 2 = 26.4 and make this number into 2640 feet (or 440 * 6 = 2640), expanding it into a Treasure Diagram as we did for the Stars Diagram while using 2640 as the height of the opposing triangles. This breaks the Treasure Diagram into 3-880 sections. The clue of expanding it into another dropdown diagram I believe comes from his "Bi-Loe" cipher that I translated into "below" or "twice-lowered" in the Stone's Message page as well as his apparent diameter of the Earth of 880. He wants the opposing triangles with a height of 1247 feet lowered to 2640 feet.

If a treasure existed and has not been plundered, the location of something buried should be in the center of vesica piscis in the two opposing triangle at 1320 feet (440 * 3 = 1320 and 660 * 2 = 1320) or 1320 feet from the sword/cross arms. He corroborates this with the association of 13.2 in degrees with the number 1320 in feet. This location is 600 feet from the very end of the upright sword/cross (1320 - 720 = 600). Below is my Treasure Diagram with the small blue dot depicting the location of a possible treasure.Treasure Diagram

The second way I found the number 26.4 is from the Earth's diameter. There's something very unique about the Earth's mean diameter of 7,7917.5 miles (converted from kilometers to miles from the above Earth-Moon System axial tilt illustration). If you divide 7917.5 by 18, you get 7917.5/18 = 439.86 or rounded off 440 and 7917.5/600 = 13.2 and 7917.5/300 = 26.4. And, well, the intriguing numbers don't stop there for the Earth's diameter, if you divide 7917.5 by 12, 9, 8, 6 and 3, they equal 660, 880, 990, 1320, and 2640 respectively; all are harmonic numbers that will be discussed in my Harmonic Connection page. And if you divide 7917.5 by 99, 88, 66, 55, 44, 33, 22, and 11, they equal 80, 90, 120, 144, 180, 240, 360, and 720 respectively. This is a very interesting discovery and another reinforcement of the numbers I found for the Treasure Diagram. Is it strange that a mile in the year 1593  AD was determined to be 5,280 feet because if divided by 2, it equals 5280/2 = 2640? And if you subtract 2640 from the diameter in miles of the Moon or 2640 - 2160 = 480, in which 480 divided the Stars Diagram into three sections with a 1440 foot-height. In my Harmonic Connection page, we'll look at the uniqueness of the Moon's diameter as I pointed out about the Earth's diameter without including the repetitive number of 11, 22, 33…

The third way I found the 26.4 number is converting all the numbers from the sword/cross from minutes to degrees. On the graphic sword/cross below, my adjusted numbers are on the top of the long-axial length of the sword/cross and the actual measured lengths are underneath.


Let's consider my adjusted numbers as minutes and convert them into degrees such as 144 minutes converts to 2.4° and so on. I'll make a small table:

144' = 2.4°
430' = 7.166°
290' = 4.833°
360' = 6°
360' = 6°
Adds up to 26.399°, which rounds off to 26.4°

There's one more interesting thing about converting minutes to degrees. If the Earth's diameter number of 7,917.5 is in minutes, it converts to 132 degree, which could also represent the1320 found on the above Treasure Diagram. 

The fourth way I found the number 26.4 came from the stone-outlined triangle numbers, which again confirms my findings from the three previous methods. The left angle from the apex is 23° 26’ or 23.43° and the right angle is 36.57°. However, the dimensions at the base of the triangle has a 4 on the left and a 6 on the right as seen below, so let reverse 23° 26’ to 26° 23’ (or in degrees 26.38° and rounded off is 26.4°), and now we have our 2640 number again.

Stone Triangle

For finding so many ways with the same numbers to the purported treasure location, it appears he REALLY didn't want you to miss these particular clues.

In reality, the Treasure Diagram should have three imaginary orbs circling around its center. First we have the 860-foot diameter circle in the center of the Stars Diagram. When we get to the Algol Star System clues, we'll find that this triple-star system's orbit is 680 days. If we average these numbers 860 + 680 = 1540/2 = 770 and 770 and 1540 are also harmonic numbers. This is how I caught on to his switching numbers around (i.e. 860 and 680 and 23°26' to 26.23' or 26.4°), and we'll see more number switching in this decoding. So it appears he wants three orbs to surround the apparent treasure location. This jives with three circles found from his clue of the Great Circle on the Stone's Message page. The below graphic looks like an eye to me, which will be important when we visit the Algol Star System clues.Orbs

The last clue that survived that's important to this decoding (that I know of) is a satellite stone found on Oak Island. Note the :+: symbol between the H and circumpunct symbol (a circle with a dot inside of it).

Local Stone

The :+: symbol is what is called the seed to drawing a Celtic three-circuit labyrinth as shown below. Labyrinth          Image is found at We Are Walking in Beauty website by Donald Engstrom-Reese.

Walking such a labyrinth is embarking on a spiritual path in what is considered sacred space. In lieu of costly and dangerous pilgrimages to Jerusalem, paths such as this we're walked in churches, gardens, and along roadsides. Is the code writer pointing out such a spiritual journey in a labyrinth around the apparent treasure location?

So I got curious when he changed the numbers from degree to minutes and vice versa. If I convert 2640 from minutes into degrees, it equals 44. Using the Geo Midpoint Bearing and Distance Calculator as we did in the Oak Island Decoding page, from Oak Island set the bearing to 44°, the distance to 3,460 miles, and the Earth model to Sphere mode. The bearing of 44 from Oak Island brings you to the island of Gotland off the coast of Sweden, a known location of the Teutonic Knights. Perhaps this is a Knights Templar connection?


Click here for the interactive Geo Midpoint Bearing and Distance Calculator map.

Across Gotland

Above map demonstrates the bearing line across Gotland. The Cistercian Roma Abbey founded in 1164 caught my eye just north of the bearing line, although the Buttle Church dating from the second half of the 12th century is physically much closer to the bearing line. The Andre Church to the east is also in the running as it was constructed circa 1200. However, the island of Gotland is full of church ruins and existing churches from antiquity. Gotland was a busy trade area, and in fact, almost as many Arab dirhams have been unearthed on the island than any other area in the world to include the entire Muslim world. We'll revisit this thought about Gotland on the Whodunit page.

Could the numbers discovered so far symbolize the transformation of life and death; stars, planets and the Moon? Could the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 6 symbolize Gothic architecture because 1 + 2 + 3 = 6; or do these numbers symbolize the all time sacred numbers of the Freemason’s of 11, 33 and 39? Do these numbers come into play with the numbers that we found throughout the decoding? Let's take a look at the number 110 from Stone's Numbers page that we'll discover for •RI or meaning King or Queen. If you multiply 110 * 2 = 220, 110 * 4 = 440, 110 * 8 = 880, 1.1 * 6 = 6.6, 11 * 3 = 33, 13 * 3 = 39, 39 * 11 = 429, and 2640/8 = 330, 2640/4 = 660 and 2640/12 = 220 (most are harmonic numbers or derivatives of), and here's a thought provoking number 440/13.2 = 33.3333… If he intentionally made the angle on the stone-outlined triangle to appear closer to 7, then 7 + 6 = 13 and 7 + 4 = 11 (6 and 4 are from the surveyed dimensions at the bottom of the stone-outlined triangle). Now, let’s take the 6.6, 6 and 4 by face value and multiply them 6 * 6 * 6 * 4 = 864 (or 144 * 6 = 864); this is the total length of the sword/cross using my adjusted number and 6 * 6 * 4 = 144, which is the length of the handle of the sword or the end of the cross. Do the two 10s on each side of the equilateral stone-outlined triangle symbolize the number 10 or perhaps multiplying certain numbers by 10 or 100? Here’s something interesting that I found as a possible reinforcement for his numbers. Let’s leave 26 23’ in degrees and minutes and convert 36 34’ into degrees 36.56667and round it off to 36.6 and then add them 2 + 3 + 2 + 6 = 13, which reduces to 1 + 3 = 4, and 3 + 6 + 6 = 15, which reduces to 6. As you see on the below graphic, we have the number 44 on the left side of the triangle and a 66 on the right. Interestingly enough, the square root of 44 is √44 = 6.6.4-6triangle

I'll be introducing two more larger opposing triangles as was the case in the Stars Diagram that superimpose over the 2640-foot height of the first opposing triangles found in my discussion above. These numbers come from the angle of the sword/cross after swinging it to True North of 60º and still using the height of the opposing triangles of 1247, and then we'll plug these numbers into the Right-Angle Calculator.4320

As you see, the one side of the right triangle is 2160, which is the Moon's diameter in miles. If we do a mirror image of this as seen above, you get a 4320-foot side for an equilateral triangle that now has a height of 3741.23 with an inscribed circle radius of 1247.077 (once again we see the 1247 number). This breaks the diagram into 1247-foot sections. The larger circles hang out of the smaller opposing triangles by 3741 - 2640 = 1101/ 2 = 550.5 feet on each side, as done in the Stars Diagram (550 is a harmonic number too). If you've noticed, we keep seeing the repetitive numbers of 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, and 88.

Let's revisit satellite stone found on Oak Island with the inscription H :+: €€Θ €(I used the theta symbol as the circumpunct or circle dot). This could be a partial inscription, but it's all I have to work with. 

Local Stone

Photograph found at Oak Island Treasure website.

From my Stone's Numbers page, X & H = 8, : : for the word IN found in the Stone's Message page equals 60, and + is the Greek cross (or considered equal-armed cross) or tau that symbolizes resurrection, so this could translate into 860+€Θ or 860+resurrection or rebirth to Θ. The number 860 was found as the central circle in the Stars Diagram. It's interesting how H = X could represent the old cliché that X marks the spot. Here's a few quick calculations for review: 860/9 = 95.56 (and 96.5 was found in the Stars Diagram), 860/6 = 143.33 (or 144), and 860/2 = 430, and as we know, all these numbers were seen in the Stars Diagram. Remember, his numbers are ±1. Here's another thing that came on my radar, 860 - 680 = 180 (680 days is orbit of Algol's three stars), and we will see that the number 18 is a very important number in the Planetary Diagram.

The satellite stone could also translate into the word Hint€, but what if the : : symbol functions as a “UN” for the word HUNT instead of "IN" found in the Stone's Message page because the word hint didn't exist at that time. Middle English for hunt was hunten, and the word hinten in German means behind and in Old English hindan also means behind. Is something going on behind something? Another translation could be H = 8, U = 5, N = 50 and + = 2 that adds up to 65, then you get the number 65Θ and know that Θ = 9 so 65 + 9 = 74. Now let's read the numbers 65 and 74 backwards 56 and 47. Could he be alluding to the 1247 number for the height of the opposing triangles and is the 56 referring to the key number in the Planetary Diagram; remember, the larger circles hang out of the 1247-foot height opposing triangles by 56 feet on each side in the Stars Diagram. If we use the number for T = 300, found in the Stone's Number page, instead of the + = 2, in the word HUNT and merge the 8 for H and U for 5 to 85, they add up to 85 + 50 + 300 + 9 = 444, which is the radius of the Planetary Diagram before it was adjusted to 440. Nevertheless, I think these are worthy numbers from this last vestige of a clue for at least some consideration. He wanted me to HUNT, and so I did. Although we will never know the orientation of the satellite rock because it could be upside down, the TH letters are an abbreviation for Templum Hierosolyma, meaning Temple of Jerusalem that later Freemasons (circa 1671) associated with Clavis ad Thesaurum, meaning a key to a treasure and Theca ubi res pretiosa deponitur, meaning a place where a precious thing is concealed.

Odd Number 293 of Sword/Cross & More

Now let's resolve the issue where the odd number 293 (feet) at the very bottom of the sword/cross came from that is the measured length and not my adjusted length. To do this, we have to visit the Planetary Diagram that will be described later in more detail. Note that the of the radius is 444 from the 443.54 found in the Stars Diagram with a diameter of 887. 077, or doing his ±1 rules, makes it 888.Planetary Diagram

The equatorial diameter of the Earth is 7,926 miles and if we divide that by 27 from the Planetary Diagram between Earth and Venus (see above) then 7,926/27 = 293.55 and 293.55 * 3 = 880.67. Therefore, the bottom boulder of the sword/cross evidently represents Earth. Let's do it for the top boulder that becomes Mercury. The diameter of Mercury is 3,302 miles and 3032/168 = 18.05 * 8 = 144.4 (strangely if you add the bottom of the original dimensions of the sword/cross 429 + 293 = 722 * 2 = 1444); therefore the top boulder appears to be Mercury.

The diameter of Venus brings something else into the party 7,521/193 = 38.97 * 32 = 1247.04 (once again the 1247 number). Mars is a bit more problematic, and we'll see why after I do a few calculations. If you use the number 56 from the Planetary Diagram 4,221/56 = 75.38, this really doesn't makes any sense, but if you divide it by the actual number 429 feet from the sword/cross's arms to next boulder, it makes more sense 4,221/429 = 9.84 * 126.7 = 1246.7 (again the 1247 number). Now that we're talking about the original measurements of the sword/cross, let's do another check or two of how they fit into the scheme of things by reversing the 867 number of the measured length of the sword/cross to 687, which is Mars' orbit in days around the Sun; and if 56 is 560, then 687 + 560 = 1247 (once again 1247) and 867 + 560 = 1162, which is the 807 feet length from the Money Pit to the closest arm of the sword/cross and then add it to the 360 feet of the arm for 807 + 360 = 1162. My adjusted length of the sword/cross is 864 and 864/2 = 432, and we saw this number pop up in the above right angle diagram that turned into a mirror image. Here's another reinforcement of the number 432. If you add the original length of the sword/cross of 867 to my number of 864 then you get 867 + 864 = 1731 and if divided by 4, it's 432.75.

Now here's the cool part. If you take the number 234 from the Planetary Diagram for Mars (4221/18 = 234.5) and make it 2340 and subtract it from the larger opposing triangle heights of 3741 for 3741- 2340 = 1401 and when 234 is read backwards, it's 432. As you will see, the 1401 or more precisely the number 14.01 was found in the Planetary Diagram to derive the master key number of 56.04. Does the number 860 from the Stars Diagram central circle mean 14 for 8 + 6 + 0 = 14? I'm reading this that one of the larger circles represents Mars in the above expanded Treasure Diagram. Now lets' see how Venus fits into all this. If we divide the heights of the larger and small triangles by 9, you'll see something very interesting 3741/9 = 415.67 and 2640/9 = 293.33… (once again we see 415 & 293). The 415.67 is the number we saw previously and will see in the Planetary Diagram when Venus' diameter is divided by 18 or 7,521/18 = 417.83, and now let's subtract these numbers for 417.83 - 415.67 = 2.16, and once again we see the number that depicts the diameter of the Moon number of 2160 (miles). He's also telling you that Venus is the other larger circle in 3741 height triangles, which are somehow related to the Moon; the Moon seems to be a common denominator of this decoding.

Additionally, the number for Mars in the Planetary Diagram is 234.5, and one rotation of Venus is 243 Earth days. Is this a correlation between Mars and Venus; a relationship between the warrior and lover planets that is well known in mythology?

The boulders along the long-axial length of the sword/cross seems to rank the inner planets by their size; from top to bottom and smaller to larger Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Earth with the Sun encircling them all because the diameter of the Sun is 864,948.7 miles (and interestingly enough there's 864,000 seconds in a day), and my adjusted length in feet for the sword/cross is the number 864. If the two arms of the sword/cross depict the Moon's cycles, let's expand each arm out to 720 feet, and then then Moon would then cycle around all of the inner planets. I think this true because if you switch the numbers around of 720 to 270 and multiply it by four, you get 270 * 4 = 1080, which is the radius of the Moon. I'm also surmising this because Algol (if that be the binary system) and the Moon are the only other actors not accounted for in the code writer's apparent planetary system. One more interesting thing pops up on the radar, if you take 2160 - 860 = 1300 and 1300 * 2 = 2600 - 2160 = 440,  so does this mean the other smaller circles of the two triangles is somehow related to the Moon and Earth too? Does the 1300 bring in the number 13 from the above findings, or as I discovered in the Whodunit page, I believe the code writer was on Oak Island circa 1300 to 1302 AD?Cross

I'll be discussing the difference between the numbers of the original measurements of sword/cross of 145, 429, and 293, and the adjusted numbers I used of 144, 430 and 290 as seen on the above graphic. It appears Mercury steps into the limelight now. Could the 88 day orbit of Mercury around the Sun represent the 880 for the a smaller circle with the other representing Earth? If we subtract the diameter of Mercury of 3,032 from the height of the smaller opposing triangles, you get 3032 - 2640 = 392 and read backwards is 293 (ah-ha another 293). So it appears Mercury and Earth are connected in some way. Let's digress and look at the measured two bottom numbers of the sword/cross of 293 and 429; if you switch around 4 and 9 of the 429, it's 294. And the difference between the bottom of the sword/cross with my number when added of 720 (430 + 290) and the original measurement of 722 (429 + 293) is 2 (722 - 720 = 2). Therefore, you have the numbers 2, 3 (end number of 293), 4 (end number of 294), and 5 (end number of 145) going up the sword/cross from Earth to Mercury. Could the 234 mean Mars (see Planetary Diagram page), or if read backwards 432 meaning a connection to the Moon, and here's an aside calculation is 720/5 = 144 * 3 = 432 . Let's do another calculation with the number 290 or 290 * 3 = 870 and then switch the 870 to 780 or 780 * 3 = 2340. If we read the sword/cross top measured number 145 backwards, you get 541 * 2 = 1082 (2 off from the radius of the Moon of 1080), and if 144 is read backwards, then it's 441 * 2 = 882 (2 off from the 880 for Earth's apparent diameter) and 294 * 3 = 882. It appears the mystery of the odd numbers on the original measurements of the sword/cross may be somewhat solved.

I'm going to skip ahead. Could this reach back to the Celtic Triple Goddess legend of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone for Venus (also see Planetary Diagram), Earth, and Algol A (Medusa, see Algol Star System page) respectively and be connected to the Druids or even further back to the Tuatha Dé Danann tribe as mentioned previously? If so, why are we an amnesic modern culture that has lost the significance of ancient cultural beliefs?

In my Harmonic Connection page, I review an expanded take on the three-circuit labyrinth, possible numerical meanings connected to the repetitive number of 11, 22, 33… and other numbers found in the decoding with harmonics, and the prominence of the numbers 3, 6, and 9.

Has anyone ever done such a comprehensive decoding of the Oak Island mystery for a possible location of a purported treasure? With all the theories swirling around, why hasn't anyone found the treasure? In fact, what I presented is only a fraction of my notes, but for brevity reasons, I excluded a plethora of related information.

Next, we'll take a look at the Algol Star System and see what we can glean out of the clues that we found in the previous Stars Diagram. If you like this site, click on one of my advertisements to purchase something from Amazon through my advertising portal to keep this site up and running. 

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