Two of Cups

Two of Cups teaches you to love thy self in order to love another for the bringing of two elements. As with yin and yang, each exists to complement the other in the duality of their idiosyncratic characters. It takes two to tango, but not all dancers know the steps and then steps on the other’s toes. The clumsy dancer must work at learning the steps, or his partner will find another dance companion. This card is less prominent than The Lovers card and indicates that a relationship requires a self-awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motives, and emotions. Commitments and deeper meaning in relationships is at hand. This card heralds unions, partnerships, emotional bonds, and sexual attraction of two people. Two’s just right, three’s a crowd, four’s too many and five’s not allowed is a nice way of saying, scram we want to be alone for a conversation, private business, or more. If a relationship is in conflict, this card could signify the offering of an olive branch of peace.
Keywords: marriage, harmony, friendship, open-mindedness, equality, matchmaking, fruitful or unfair relationship, conflicting self, emotional maturity, attraction, affinity, synthesis, connection, self with another, complementary bonds, kindred spirits, soul mate, empathy, closeness, understanding, accord, focused balance, peace from conflicts, one-on-one, shared goals, daydream
Reversed: rife, polarization, unbalanced, uncomplimentary relations, broken engagement, arguments, misunderstandings, separation, divorce, incompatibility, interdependence, noncommittal, grueling job, unhappiness