Two of Pentacles

Two of PentaclesTwo of Pentacles implies that two pentacles are better than one and symbolizes the juggling act of duality and the balancing of responsibilities bestowed to you by the Ace of Pentacles. You need money to make money and are now in the upswing of financial gain. One change causes a chain reaction of changes, but in this unruly atmosphere of change, you demonstrate that you have everything up in the air and under control. You are doing what needs to be done, dropping what needs to go, delegating what others can do, and delaying issues less important for a later date. In that order, you have made order out of chaos. As with feng shui, when wind and water are in continuous motion, it brings positive qi. However, if your plate is too full, one or more undertakings will suffer. Strike a balance with your workload for productivity. Money transfer is happening, so with hard work and a little luck, hopefully it’s being transferred into your account. This card can foretell of news and messages of a troubling nature.
Keywords: juggling act of responsibilities, complex and changing situation, chain reactions, under control, organized, job well done, continuous motion, full plate of work, productivity, financial upswing, messages, flexibility, adaptablility, attention to details, calm under stress, high standards, feeling of belonging, recreation, family, fun
Reversed: overwhelmed, financial despair, overspending, unproductive, escapism, setbacks, secrets, expenses, bad investments, simulated enjoyment, compositions, letters