Two of Swords

Two of SwordsTwo of Swords indicates the dual nature of conflicting but equal forces, and these contradictory burdens have your head spinning. Torn between these forces has paralyzed your heart and mind. Doubt and confusion manifest in this conundrum that has transcended into denial. You are being deceived or are deceiving yourself. An internal crisis is prompting you to make a hard decision or decisions. Trepidation has emotions mixing and churning. Tartarus, the ancient deity of Hades and a place in the underworld, has taken you into his sunless abyss. You feel hurt and trapped, and your sword is striking out for justice or protecting your heart from pain. Challenges and obstacles are ahead with the potential of danger that will require you to protect yourself. You are caught in the middle of a dilemma that needs resolution. Sorrow invokes change. In the matters of business and heart, the blindfold of Lady Justice must be ripped off in search of the blinding truths that have been ignored. This card also indicates lack of unconditional love.
Keywords: conflicting forces, inescapable choices, indecision, doubt, confusion, conformity, conundrum, denial, internal crisis, hard decisions, deceit, trepidation, trapped, danger, pain, challenges, obstacles, sorrow, dilemma, ignoring truth, anxiety, defensiveness, stress, complex situation, call to arms
Reversed: indecisive or decision made, vacillation, truce, surprise, denial, deceit, dishonesty, disloyalty, disagreement, separation, sadness, anger, undiscerning, negativity, conflict, irresponsibility, debate, loveless relationship, collapse, bury the hatchet