Two of Wands

Two of WantsTwo of Wands applies the energy to make his visions a reality but choices have to be made. He shapes a possible vision as a potter shapes his clay, but what useful vessel or decorative bobble should he make. What new exploit or enterprise should he undertake? The Ace of Wands offered him one wand that now has expanded into two to signify more potential, but is he too scamper off into the world or stay in his secure world that he’s already built? Is this the promise of a wing and a prayer or the real deal? Every adventure exposes one to risks. Is it worth uprooting his life to venture off into the unknown? He has one foot out the door and other paralyzed to the floor inside his house. Maybe he should go back inside and think this over in his recliner before doing anything rash. He has come to a fork in the road of life. Doors of opportunity have swung open, so which one should he walk through? If he could scry a crystal ball, the answer would be obvious but life is supposedly not that translucent. Oh wait! The Tarot cards are for divination as is scrying a crystal ball; maybe you should pull another card to clarify the message or closely scrutinize the surrounding cards in the spread. The Two of Wands is the embodiment of the Magician brought down to a more earthly level. Dreams can come true when this card appears, but you have to go out into the world and start shaking trees for the fruit to fall to the ground. The number two for union indicates a prosperous time for friendships and alliances. Your power is at its peak, and you’re the captain of your ship, but you must plan and prepare for your trip before embarking on your voyage. Rule your life’s passions with your hand on the keel of the ship. Otherwise, you’ll feel the reprisals of gloom and doom. Sudden departures and change of venue can happen when the Two of Wands appears. It’s a shaker and mover card of expansion.
Keywords: vision of a reality, choices, undertakings, potential, travel, unknown, promise or real deal, contemplation, fork in the road, adventure, opportunity, friendship, alliances, sudden departures, change of venue, expansion, calculated risk, decisions, alternatives, consideration, patience, resisting impulses, hesitancy, lack of involvement, riches, fortune, and contrarily suffering, disease, chagrin, sadness, no marriage
Reversed: fearful of change, delay, held back, dogma, appearance of someone or something, surprise, emotion, trouble, dilemmas, secrets