X Wheel of Fortune

X Wheel of FortuneX Wheel of Fortune directs the cyclic, abstract, and obscure motion of destiny and fate. These ups and downs take their natural course with little understanding of the preordained destinations. Sudden vicissitudes of good fortune are expected. The only thing you can depend on in life is change, and the Wheel is the beginning of an end and the end of a beginning with rebirth in sight. The certainty of change is at hand that dramatically strays from the status quo. The present is already the future and the past is always present in our lives, but you must live in the passing vagaries of the present and not let the past haunt you to occlude living in your yet unknown future. The Fool stumbles into random chance on his path, and this disrupts the underlying order imposed by The Magician and Emperor. However, every new path offers its own surprising opportunities. It’s just like the weather; wait for another day and it will change. The fate of the Wheel is out of your hands. This is where you make lemonade out of lemons when the turn of the Wheel gets tough. Go with the spin of providence, but keep in mind, in the center of the Wheel is stillness. The planet Jupiter symbolizes this card of good luck, optimism, and abundance. As the Magician controls all four suits of the Minor Arcana cards, the Wheel spins through all four suits and teaches varied lessons from each sphere of influence. The Fool has experienced the disruptions of chance after his stabilizing solitude with The Hermit, but all is not lost if he learned from the karmic experiences of the downward turn of the Wheel as it begins its upward swing. The Fool now understands the cycles in life.
Keywords:, fate, destiny, good fortune, karma, providence, kismet, luck, chance, change, cycles, turning point, success, felicity, opportunities, possibilities, superiority, movement, expansion, development, activity, surprises, sudden events, interpretation
Reversed: increase, abundance, profusion, and contrarily difficulties, bad luck, delays, negative patterns, the Strength card lesson of patience must be exercised